Mr. Long-Bin Huang
  • Title/ Associate Technical Specialist
  • E-mail/ bs7904[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57003
  • Duty/

    Computer roon maintenance、Hardware and software purchasement、Facilities management and maintenance

Miss Chen-Chen Yang
  • Title/ Coordinator
  • E-mail/ yangchen[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57002
  • Duty/

    Dean's schedule arrangement、College committees meetings arrangement、General Adminstration、Bursar

Miss Hsing-Wen Chen
  • Title/ Associate Coordinator
  • E-mail/ chw[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57013
  • Duty/

    Common Required Courses Management、Management Basic Courses Management、Domestics Scholarship Management、College Curriculum Committee Meetings Arangement、Student work study bursar

Mavis Tseng
  • Title/ Associate Coordinator
  • E-mail/ tsmi[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57017
  • Duty/

    1. Build and maintain international collaborations and activities.
    2. Coordinates AACSB accreditation progress and communication.
    3. Implements college-level dual degree program.
    4. Establishes academic exchange agreements.
    5. Liaises with business school association and international organizations.
    6. Organizes strategic planning meetings and collects data.
    7. Facilitates faculty academic exchanges and training abroad.
    8. Inviting and Hosting International Delegations and Foreign scholars.

Jessie Chou
  • Title/ Administration Officer
  • E-mail/ jessiechou[at]
  • Tel/ 03-35712121 ext. 57005
  • Duty/

    Academia-industry collaboration、Social network management、Promotional materials、Application for the awards established by the R&D Office.

Chia-Fen Liu
  • Title/ Administration Officer
  • E-mail/ chiafenliu[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57004
  • Duty/

    AACSB Accreditation, AoL executive, Beta Gamma Sigma contact window and Global exchange program contact window.

Miss Mei-Hui Tai
  • Title/ Technical Worker
  • E-mail/ febitai[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57611
  • Duty/

    Bursar and administration in Taipei Campus、Contact window of Taipei Campus

Mr. Mark Pan
  • Title/ Administration Officer
  • E-mail/ markpan[at]
  • Tel/ (03) 5712121-57615
  • Duty/

    Library Information Center administers computer software/hardware maintenance and purchase, internet information security management (Switch, network cables and nodes, firewall…etc.), computer consulting/assistance and internet services for faculty and students in Taipei Campus.