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NCTU - Create Cloud Resume X the Opportunity of being seen

  • Do you want to know how to draw attention of the foreign owned enterprises through your resume?

    Do you want to see the super story beyond the scenes of Microsoft intern?

    Do you want to learn coding but are not sure where you should start?

    Do you want to understand how to apply cloud computing technique on daily life?

    Please follow the pace of Microsoft student ambassadors towards workshop now!

    ※The activity is specially for the students without any programming foundation. Microsoft student ambassadors will lead everyone into the world of programming by carefree approaches. Create the cloud resume belongs to yourself through your own strength and create the opportunity of being seen by others!


    ※What will you get if you attend workshop?

    1. 【DreamSpark exclusive serial code】, assist students to activate and use the nearly 40 free resources inside.

    2. Complete the unique 【cloud resume】that belongs only to yourself and create the opportunity of being seen.

    3. Use relaxing teaching approach to lead everyone into the world of programming and understand the charms of Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio.

    4. Understand the intern secret of 【Microsoft Student Ambassador】.


    What are you waiting for? Please come and reserve a seat for you!

    Registration link:

    5. Upload cloud creative resume website to Pages on FB, and you will earn the opportunity to win 【XBOX Award】