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National Chiao Tung University International Student Scholarship Enforcement Rules Revised Articles Comparison Table and full Articles

  • Enforcement Rules for International Student Scholarship in our university has been revised and approved at administrative meeting on July 24th, 2015, and the revised articles comparison table and full articles are as the attachment; please be informed. The revised articles have been announced on Class III official document on 4 Aug 2015.


    The statement of the revision is as the following:

    1. In responding to “Handling principle for universities above college in strengthening study and labor rights protection for students with part-time teaching assistant” issued by Ministry of Education on 17 June 2015, the enforcement rules of international student scholarship has the following revision:

    Article 5-1 scholarship qualification for excellent current students: other than the newly added regulation of clause 5, the original relevant articles of voluntary service for scholarship receivers are deleted.

    Newly added article is as follows:

    5. Scholarship for excellent current students

    (1) Application qualification: international students who have completed the study of one semester and meet the following conditions.

    a. Academic performance

            Graduate students: At least one professional subject should be studied each semester with the overall academic performance for the previous two semesters before application over 80% (For current students with only academic performance of one semester, the performance of the previous semester should be used for the reviewing).

    If it is during paper writing period and without the academic performance from the previous two semesters, a recommendation letter from advising professor along with research paper should be submitted other than meeting the abovementioned requirements for the overall academic performance in the past years. For the students who have completed graduation credits, they could submit paper research report instead.

            Undergraduate students: average academic performance of the previous semester before application should achieve 70% (For current students with only academic performance of one semester,  the performance of the previous semester should be used for the reviewing).


    b. Moral conduct: more than 80% every semester.

    c. A miscellaneous fee exemption could be requested for those whose academic performance don’t meet scholarship awarding standard but with average academic performance which pass the requirements (undergraduate: more than 60% but less than 70%; postgraduate: more than 70% but less than 80%); the decision of fee exemption will be determined by international students recruitment committee.

    d. Students with the reason on residence permit as employed students must not apply for international scholarship for students.

    e. Applicants could submit documentary evidence of volunteer service, charitable events, or any other service participation as the reference for scholarship evaluation.


    (2) The revised article 6-8 is added with the requirement for academic performance needed for current students who have overdue scholarship application deadline applied for paying the miscellaneous fee as local students in our university.


    The revised article is as follows:

    6. Regulation for applying international scholarship for students:

    (8) The maximum amount of scholarship: four years for undergraduate students, two years for master students and four years for PhD students. The scholarship receiving period for students who study for PhD degree directly after graduation must not exceed six years in total during PhD study period; students who study for PhD degree directly after obtaining master degree must not receive scholarship for more than six years in total.


    Students with study extension for more than scholarship awarding period with the average academic performance of more than 70% in the past years for undergraduate or more than 80% in graduate study could be charged with the miscellaneous fees according to the standard for local students if they can provide the documentary evidence from the mentor or advising professor and are approved by international student recruitment committee.