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Visit of Professor Simon Liu from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

  •      Dr. Simon Liu is currently an Associate Professor at the Institute for Fostering Leadership to create future value through Outstanding Research, Innovation and Sustainable Higher education (FLOuRISH) at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. On July 31st of 2023, Professor Liu held discussions with Director Chen Wen-Chih of our center regarding potential future collaborations. These discussions encompassed research, teaching, and the possibility of student exchanges. In addition to exchanging current research and teaching statuses, both parties explored the potential for close bilateral exchanges on topics such as sustainable supply chains.

         Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology is a research-oriented top-tier national university in Japan. FLOuRISH is a unique research and education institution under Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology that operates outside the constraints of existing institutional regulations. It utilizes the university's faculty to reallocate internal resources and reform the evaluation system. FLOuRISH is a benchmark organization in Japan for higher education reform and strengthening partnerships with society.

         FLOuRISH offers innovative leadership development programs, providing rich innovative courses for university education. It also engages in graduate education reform, including using the FLOuRISH budget to provide incentive mechanisms to improve graduate student conditions, thereby creating a new environment for graduate student cultivation and providing opportunities for interaction between graduate students, researchers, and the industry.